Note:   This is a   module   for   Perfex CRM. Not a standalone script.

Brief description

Hello how are you? This is a project for those who want to offer their customers and their team the PERFEX CRM system for use App/executable for MacOs, Windows and Linux, gaining more confidence and credibility with your logo/brand.

You no longer need to use browsers to access the PERFEX CRM system, I have been using this application for 2 years and it is in great evolution, my customers download the executable on their machine, perform the installation and use it as a program, this application saves the password in the cache of the system, so you don’t need to log in every time you open the application, and integrated with the native notifications of each operating system, cool right.

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How does it work?

You will download the project structure, the project is done in the ElectronJs framework, you will need Visual Studio Code, to use the integrated terminal and will execute 4 lines of code until the creation of installers for the mac, wuindows and linux platform, you will configure some routes so that it reads your PERFEX CRM, after that just use.

Here at the company we use two versions, version for the client and version for the team, today my team is 38 people, more than 800 clients all use the applications on MacOs and Windows systems.

If you need help we are available to give you all the support to be successful in your company.

Click on the link below to download the demos:
Download demo for mac, windows and lunux