IMPORTANT: This template is not compatible with new Buildbox Free or subscribed Buildbox 3 version. This template was done with old Buildbox 2 software. In order to use this you need to have a valid Buildbox 2 licence. Thank you.

Hoop Shot Basketball combines the hyper casual gameplay and basketball dunk action with one touch.

Game is easy to reskin and also all the artwork such as hoop, basketball types, GUI are included as png images so you can resking easily or use those images in your other games as well. This is a whole package!

Game uses some advanced Buildbox setups which allows the player to gain a Swish X2 Score Action if the ball goes through the hoop without thouching the sides of it.

Altough game is under iOS category you can export it for Android as well and open the project in Android Studio to export for playstore.

The game was featured at Buildbox Game Spotlight:

You can also check the game from the links below:

Google Play:

Game Features:

-Swish X2 Scoring
-6 different color themes
-20 unlockable different colored basketballs
-Artwork included
-2 Buildbox projects included
A-without rewarded ad
B-with rewarded ad
-Help File is included.
-Export to iOS and Android

Note: The music is not included because of copyright but you can get the great funky music from the link below: