Do you have an YouTube Channel? Convert to an app.


Create your own categorised video app with content from YouTube. You can make categorised app for music, movies, web series, product reviews or any other topic you can imagine as long as it’s available via YouTube public API.

This app works two different ways:

A. If you have an YouTube Channel:

  1. Set YouTuber mode on
  2. Set Channel ID
  3. Set Favourite playlist IDs

B. If you want to search YouTube videos and show them in app:

  1. Set YouTuber mode off
  2. Set search terms for app to show in Top videos and recent video list (like for movie app- Italian movie)
  3. Set search terms for genre (like for movie app- Action, Thriller, Horror etc.)

# Note: An Admin app will be provided with this purchase to change database value easily

Some useful features:

  1. Watch videos in YouTube native player
  2. Real time update (when you update database channel id/ featured playlist /search terms in database)
  3. Built with latest Android version and Android Studio features
  4. Admob ready (Banner and Interstitial)
  5. Save favourite videos to watch later
  6. Offline browsing (Browse videos without internet and watch when netork connected)
  7. YouTube live video supported


Android Studio

Material Design


Push Notification

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Demo APK


Android Side

  • All Device Combability(Responsive Design)
  • Display Multi Playlist
  • YouTube Video Section
  • Play/Pause Video
  • Fast Forward/Backward Video
  • Check Network Availability
  • Admob Integrated
  • Android Studio Code
  • Secured API Calls
  • Firebase analytic
  • YouTube API
  • Video coming from YouTube API so no need to maintain Admin panel
  • Display all Youtube PlayList
  • Display live data from YouTube videos and playlist

    What You Get:

    1. Full Android Source Code
    2. Full Document (Quick start and Reskin) with Screen Shot

    Support on demand

    Support Policy

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