– Last update: 13.08.2021
– Version: 2.0.0
– File Included: Full Source code Android App with PHP Admin Panel

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Android News App is a mobile news system which run under Android platform that used for your own news application. Android News App is the best way to start your own news application.

Admin Panel developed using CodeIgniter Framework, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL Database.

Android News App is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

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Demo v2.0.0

Admin panel:

Email: [email protected]

Password: password

demo apk download


Android Side:

  1. Dark/Light Theme switcher.
  2. Beautiful Material Design.
  3. Splash Screen.
  4. Banner Slider.
  5. Pull to refresh.
  6. Load More.
  7. Native Ads between news.
  9. Categories.
  10. Saving and offline reading news.
  11. Receiving Push Notifications from admin panel.
  12. Subscribing to categories for receiving push notifications.
  13. Google/Email signin/authorization.
  14. Supporting LiveTV, embed video and media platforms as Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, TedX and more platforms.
  15. Like/Unlike articles.
  16. Related News.
  17. Commenting System.
  18. My Profile (My Liked News, My comments).
  19. Search News.
  20. Settings.
  21. Share App.
  22. Share News.
  23. Rate App.
  24. Contact (Write message to admin).
  25. And etc…

Admin Side:

  1. Statictics (total news, total users, total views, total comments, total likes, total contact).
  2. News (add,edit,delete,view,shedule publish date for news).
  3. Categories (add,edit,delete,show/hide,order).
  4. Search news (by fields).
  5. Contact (receiving messages from App).
  6. Users (view, delete, disable, active, subscribes, liked news).
  7. Admins (add,delete,edit).
  8. Settings (manage admin panel and app settings).
  9. Comments (publish, delete, hide, active).
  10. Push notifications (sending without photo, with photo and etc).
  11. Banners (add,edit,delete,active,inactive).
  12. Subscribes (view).
  13. About (documentations and etc info).



MySQL 5.5+

Do not forget to rate my work, your rating motivates me to make application better and often release updates with new cool features.


Change log


What's new will come in version 2.

* Added support Android 11 OneSignal Push Notifications.
* Added Youtube video support for Android 11.
* Added subcategories.
* You can change app title logo from admin panel.
* AdMob Ads moved to admin panel.
* Youtube Api Key moved to admin panel.
* Control Show/Hide Ads from admin panel.
* Project moved to new android programming structure
* Added imageuploader (you can change between zsuploader and imageuploader) on admin panel.
* App icons changed  to IonIcons
* Deleted unused files.
* Added support RTL direction.
* ZsUploader changed to ImageUploader (you can use both of them)
* Added Native Ad before news detail text and after news detail text.
* Updated Media Player, Libraries and Android SDK.
* and more...


What's new?
1. Added Banner Slider in TopStories
2. Added Supporting multicategory for news.
3. Added Dark/Light theme switcher.
4. Added Settings for Banners.
5. Added AdMob Native Ad in NewsDetail.
6. Updated core and modules for backend.
7. Fixed AdMob issue.
8. Deleted Facebook Login.
9. Updated Dependency Libraries and Android SDK 30+.
and etc... more changes.


What's new?
1. Added AdMob Native Ads
2. Added Subscribing to categories for receiving Push Notifications.
3. Changed auth system.
4. Added new comment style.
7. Added sheduling adding news.
8. Added likes to news.
9. Added My Liked News in Profile.
10. New Design for Admin Panel.
11. Resolve AdMob issue.
12. Updated Dependency Libraries and Android SDK 30, update is required.
and etc...


What's new?
1. Added schedule adding news.
2. Added likes to news.
3. Added My Liked News in Profile.
4. New Design for Admin Panel.
5. Resolved AdMob issue.
6. Adding Information to Admin Dashboard.
7. Fixed bugs and performance improvements.
8. Updated Latest Dependency Libraries and Android SDK.
and etc...